Nokia new viral ad puzzler for N81

The Nokia viral ad campaign for the N81 continues with a second episode - and it continues to countdown to Nokia's 29 August press launch in London

Nokia's intriguing viral marketing campaign for the soon-to-be-launched N81 music phone continues with the release of Episode 2 of its abstract advertising series, counting down to the Nokia launch in London on 29 August.

So does Episode 2 solve the riddle of what Episode 1 was all about? Not really. Episode 2 of the Nokia N81 viral ad continues with much the same routine as the first - lots of swirling lights and shapes eventually coming together to create an icon representation of the N81. Following the same procedure of clicking onscreen when the N81 icons take shape, after getting some disjointed images you finally get a countdown timer to the Nokia launch event in London later this month. That's when we're expecting to get an official announcement about the 8GB-equipped N81 music phone, a 3G/HSDPA slider smartphone.

Hints at what Nokia's N81 viral campaign might be going on about can possibly be gleaned from the RSS feed for the campaign - which viewers can subscribe to by clicking on link at the end of the ad.

The RSS feed for Ad 1 has the following copy attached:

"...just an important theory, but also a crucial part of how this consumption is perceived at present. Everything eventually merges to a point where it more or less becomes inseparable due to the dawn of new technologies. Everything we have known, as one replacement; ultimately being able to do the job of each other. This may spawn patterns that cannot be exchanged, but generally entertainment will merge into whatever a user may request. This fusion..."

And then Ad 2 follows with:

"..although this is already happening in many different fields. While broadcasting we have long been trying to come to terms to meet these new demands. To become more productive. This is a new model of entertainment on our own terms and evident throughout. The expansion of technology, allowing us the possibility of engaging what we actually wish to engage; our own preferred content - found intently or by chance. Soon, it is quite feasible that people will simply..."

Now, this could be parts of a keynote speech to mark the launch (which would be a rather curious thing to do., or some random Nokia marketing wisdom. Alternatively, feel free to interpret your own Intomobile has here.

Let's see what Episode 3 brings...