Free 3G mobile calling from fring

Compatible handsets can be used to make free calls over 3G internet

VoIP company fring has announced it is launching an "alternative to highly priced GSM air time charges" with the launch of its free, PC-independent peer-to-peer mobile internet telephony application. With fring, users can now make free calls anywhere using either a Wi-Fi connection or an existing 3G data plan.

Based on mobile Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, fring is a free, PC mobile phone application. It enables anyone with a compatible handset to talk and chat to other fring users, as well as Skype and GoogleTalk contacts, for free.

Fring users calling over 3G mobile networks use only the data within their existing subscription agreement, and are subsequently not charged for air time. The application can also be used over Wi-Fi at home, in the office or at the many "hot spot" cafes, making mobile calls completely free.

"Enabling free mobile VoIP calls instantly from users' current mobile phones allows fring to challenge the traditional mobile operator pricing models" explains Avi Shechter, co-founder and CEO at fring.

"We can already see the effect through our users' feedback; fring is changing the way people interact on a daily basis, bringing choices to consumers and allowing them to declare their mobile independence through continuous availability over 3G, GPRS and Wi-Fi, with no PC-dependency, no call-backs, no air-time charges and no need for special handsets."

James Rivington

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