Mozilla promises 'most aggressive' release schedule for Firefox mobile OS

Mozilla promises 'most aggressive' release schedule for Firefox mobile OS
Firefox OS updates coming every quarter

The Firefox web browser is known for pushing out updates quickly and it looks like Mozilla is committing to the same release schedule for its new mobile OS.

In outlining the company's strategy this weekend, Alex Keybl, Mozilla's Manager of Release Management promised significant quarterly updates to the Firefox mobile OS.

Now version 1.0 of the would-be iOS and Android contender is out of the gate, the company said it also plans security updates every six weeks.

In a post on the Mozilla blog Keybl said: "Now that we have our v1.0 behind us and we're moving forward with even more partners, we're going to do our best to bring Firefox OS back into our heartbeat and will make quarterly feature releases available to partners along with six-weekly security updates for the previous two feature releases."


He added that the strategy will easily outstrip other OS-makers in the mobile space: "As far as I know, that's the most aggressive mobile OS release strategy out there (and may still require some tweaking).

"This sort of alignment across multiple browser products, and now an OS, is unprecedented at the pace we're moving. Keep it up, Mozillians."

Handsets running the Firefox OS are now rolling out in emerging markets, with 16 countries targeted for launch this year. It is unlikely to be available in the U.S. or the U.K. until 2014.

The likes of Sony, ZTE, LG and Huawei have already committed to building handsets for the platform.

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