Mopay mobile recycling website relaunched

Mopay lists over 2,000 mobile phone models on its website

If you're fed up with your mobile phone, why not trade it in and make some money towards a new one? Your mobile could easily be reused by the many phone recycling services on the market. One such service, Mopay , has recently revamped its website to make it easier for you to do so.

All you have to do is to visit the website and find the model you wish to trade in. Just enter its unique ID number, your personal details, and then post the handset off to the freepost address. In return you're given cash, which you can choose to keep or give to a charity of your choice.

Cash amount

The amount of cash you're offered depends on how old your phone is, the make and what condition it's in. Even non-working phones can be traded in. Mopay will pay the money out within seven working days from when the handset was received at the warehouse.

Mopay accepts over 2,000 different handsets from 27 manufacturers including BlackBerry , Nokia , Motorola and Sony Ericsson . PDAs are also accepted.

When upgrading to a new mobile phone old handsets tend to be shoved away in a drawer and left there. Not very economical, or green - some 15 million mobile phones are thrown away each year.

"An estimated 1,700 phones are thrown away in the UK every hour which is a serious waste of resources and harmful to the environment," said Simon Walsh, co-founder of Mopay. "Consumers need to become more aware of the environmental impact of not recycling old handsets."