Google Music comes to iOS through web app

Music Beta
Music Beta is now available for iOS users through the Safari browser

Google has launched a new iOS web app to allow Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users to access the Music Beta service.

The application comes through the Safari browser at, rather than the App Store and hence by-passes the need for Apple to approve an official app.

The arrival of Google Music Beta on iOS devices will give Google a chance to snare Apple users before iTunes Match on iCloud launches later this autumn.

It'll also give the Spotify Premium iOS apps a run for their money.


The iOS web app provides a slick and attractive user interface offering full access to up to 20,000 songs you've uploaded to the service.

Naturally, you can shuffle songs and search, while swiping left and right takes you between the artist, song and playlist listings.

Google is still keen to launch an official iOS app, but you feel with iTunes Match and iTunes in the Cloud coming out of Apple's own stable, it may take a little while to get the app approved.

A Google spokesperson said: "We're considering all options to bring the service to more people, but don't have anything official to share."

Google Music remains in Beta and is free to invited guests for the time being.

Link: TechCrunch

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