Overnight news roundup: 25-26 October

OLPC production has stalled

Well, it looks like Thursday was a bit of a slow news day. With everyone's excitement building up for Leopard on Friday, it seems companies were unwilling to release news for fear it would be overshadowed by the formidable Apple OS. Regardless, there were some gems you should take a look at before you get your day started. Check them out:

Are Apple and Steve Jobs under attack by the music and film industries? According to reports, Warner Music is now evaluating its options in the event of it not renewing its contract with iTunes. Worse for Apple, Warner Music is most interested in creating a "month-to-month" deal because it feels it can capitalise on the market most effectively with such a scheme. Is iTunes really only as good as its content? Time will tell.

Yahoo to open up its home page to news sites

Yahoo has announced that it plans on opening its home page up to websites that it feels are doing a good job of bringing news to the public. It's a move that could increase third-party website traffic while allowing Yahoo to become a trusted source for website filtering. The human-controlled service will start slowly with only selected sites included at the beginning.

In an effort to jump the CTIA rush, Motorola announced a flurry of new cell phones on Thursday that should make just about everyone happy. Interestingly enough, a RAZR stole the show. The luxury version sports gold plating and sparkles like no other mobile phone on the market.

According to reports, OLPC production has slowed to a crawl and will pick up again on 12 November. The group backing the device say that the holiday rush has created a shortage and now there is no guarantee as to whether or not the device will be available for the holiday season.

MSI Computer, a company that had formally been known as a component manufacturer, has now unleashed its own line of branded products. And on Wednesday, the company announced a new gaming notebook called the GX600, which sports one interesting feature that gamers will surely tout: one-touch overclocking.

Do you like to ski? If so, you may be interested in this handy gadget from Satski, which allows you to guide, track and record your movements with the help of GPS. The company is billing the £1,500 device as one of the most important devices to own if you want to improve your skills.