Microsoft wants to spill the beans on Windows 10 for phones

Windows 10
Windows 10 is coming to smartphones. But what features will it bring?

If you were watching Microsoft's recent Windows 10 event and were disappointed at the relative lack of information about the upcoming Windows 10 for phones, then fear not as Microsoft is apparently planning to unveil more features in the next few weeks.

Windows 10 is a huge deal for Microsoft, which wants to banish the memories of the poorly received Windows 8 while unifying Windows PCs, tablets and smartphones in a way that it has so far failed to do.

This means that Windows 10 is not just a desktop operating system, but it will also be the successor to Microsoft's mobile operating system Windows Phone 8.1. Microsoft's attempt to get into the smartphone market hasn't been entirely successful, so the pressure on Windows 10 for phones is high.

Upcoming features

Joe Belfiore, Vice President, Windows Phone Program Management & Design at Microsoft, has acknowledged that there is a lot of interest in Windows 10 for phone and tweeted: "Folks asking-- we are working on a video showing #win10 phone features, but it's another 1-2 weeks out."

Windows 10 for phones

Hopefully this means we won't have long to wait to get a better idea of what features Windows 10 for phone will bring to upcoming smartphones.

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