LG G5's app drawer is coming back - because you demanded it

LG G5 has app drawer reinstated due to 'popular demand'

In something of a slightly embarrassing U-turn, LG is now rolling out a software update to the flagship LG G5 which sees the return of the app drawer to its Android interface.

The G5 launched with LG's latest Android skin, which involved the removal of the app drawer - a play we've already witnessed from the likes of the Huawei and ZTE.

Its disappearance led to an outcry from fans who weren't best pleased at its omission, and LG has obviously had enough feedback from users as it "returns to LG G5 by popular demand."

The software update will initially rollout over-the-air in Asia before hitting the rest of the world later this month. For those currently with a G5 in hand, you'll want to keep an eye on the software updates section in the settings menu.

For those who actually prefer the app drawer-free way of life, the good news is that you won't be forced to add it back in. The new option will appear as "Home & app drawer" in the handset's home settings menu.

More, more, more

The new UX update also brings an additional feature to LG's Cam Plus module for the G5, allowing you to take burst shots (up to 10 snaps a second) with the physical shutter key on the module.

If there's anything else you're not too pleased about on the G5 it may be worth making some noise about it, as LG has committed to addressing future customer issues.

Chris Yie, vice president for LG Mobile said: "Our priority is consumer satisfaction, and issuing software updates within a month of launch shows how determined we are to future-proof the G5 and Friends through continuous support and development.

"We will continue to offer optimal mobile experiences to our consumers by enhancing the functionality of both the G5 and Friends with quick responses to their needs."

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