LG confirms flexible OLED will appear before end of year

LG confirms flexible OLED coming this year
Hmmm, maybe not THAT bendy

LG's long overdue flexible OLED display will start churning out en masse in Q4 this year, the company has confirmed.

The all-talk-no-walk technology will finally be coming to smartphones as LG Display has confirmed that we can expect to see production start towards the end of the year, further confirming that we could see the first commercial phone using the tech appear before 2013 is over.

"LG Display has completed the development of our first flexible displays. We've already shipped samples to clients including LG Electronics," the company told Korea Times in a statement.

"LG Display will mass produce flexible displays from the fourth quarter of this year."

Is that date flexible?

LG Display said that it expects to produce 12,000 sheets of the flexible OLED every month, which will be produced at the South Korean company's display complex in Paju.

LG previously said that the bendy tech would arrive before the end of 2013, and The Korea Times reiterates that the company plans to release its first flexible smartphone later this year.

However, LG is keeping mum on the specific things like resolution and which manufacturers might be using the new displays. Time to start guessing which manufacturers will be getting on board flexible OLED ship as it begins its bendy voyage.

Hugh Langley

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