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Levi's Mobile Phone hits UK

The Levi's Mobile Phone is due for a UK release in September

Levi Strauss has shown off its new mobile phone as it prepares to release the fashion handset in the UK.
The Levi's Mobile Phone, first revealed here back in June, was displayed by Levi Strauss as more details of the device were confirmed.

As previously reported by, the Levi's phone is a slimline handset cased in sturdy riveted stainless steel, and supplied with a chain to tag it to your jeans. The spec includes a 2-megapixel camera and an onboard MP3 player, plus there's 40MB of onboard memory and MicroSD memory card expansion.

The Levi's Mobile Phone will come in three colours - silver, sand and copper. Levi's will also be offering users customisation options, and a range of denim cases will be launched to go with the phone.

It'll be available in Levi's stores in the UK in September, with prices yet to be confirmed.

The Levi's Mobile Phone was developed by French design house Modelabs, which has also recently designed a chunky Hummer-branded mobile phone.