Leaked Lenovo smartphones come trotting look-alike designs

Lenovo S820
Designed with the female in mind

Lenovo only recently unveiled its K900 smartphone, with an expectation it would arrive in China in the coming months.

Among other features, the Android-powered 5.5-inch phone is slated to come packing the processing prowess of Intel's new Z2580 dual-core processor.

While all eyes are on the impressive K900 - a phone that has yet to arrive on shelves - it appears Lenovo has been busy crafting some additional smartphones with similar specifications.

Curiously enough, this leaked duo of devices share almost as much in common with several HTC designs as they do with Lenovo's own device.


The two leaked Lenovo phones, the S920 and S820, were spotted by MyDrivers, which revealed not just the first images, but also the first details on specifications.

Both of the phones are expected to include the quad-core MediaTek MT6589 processor, and run Lenovo's modified version of Android 4.2: Jelly Bean.

The S920 will feature an admittedly mondo 5.3-inch screen, with a centered camera with single flash plashed to the right of the lens.

Lenovo S920

Not the same, but you can see the similarities (Credit: MyDrivers)

If you look closely at the image, you can find some definitive inspiration from the HTC One X present, as the backs of the two devices are, besides the color, eerily identical.

The same could be said of the S820, which has fewer details available, but its rear panel has a startlingly coincidental appearance to the HTC One S. That bright orange gets us thinking about HTC's Windows Phone 8 offerings, namely the 8S and 8X.


The One X is home to a smaller 4.7-inch screen than the S920

Ladies love Lenovo

Very few other concrete facts about either of Lenovo's devices exist at the moment, though the manufacturer clearly has a market in mind for the S820.

According to MyDrivers, the S820 is going to be marketed as the next fashion phone for women.


HTC One S - comparable to the S820?

Both smartphones are slated to release in China first, and there are no guarantees either device will make it to other markets. It gets a little harry when there's a chance your devices could be confused for a competitors product. Just ask Samsung.

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