Kindle version of the Guardian announced

The Guardian - now comes in Kindle flavour
The Guardian - now comes in Kindle flavour

The Guardian and Observer newspapers are now available to download for the Amazon Kindle, with the newspaper group marking the optimised edition's arrival with a 14-day free trial.

The Kindle is the most popular product Amazon has ever sold through its online store, so it is easy to see why the Guardian has launched a Kindle edition.

It is calling its e-newspaper "the best newspaper reading experience you can have on Kindle," which is a bit of a dig at the other newspapers available for the Kindle – including its rival, the Times.

Tremendous growth

"This is the first of many mobile launches from Guardian News and Media over the next few months and comes at a time when we're seeing tremendous growth on all our mobile platforms," said the Guardian about the launch.

The Guardian has increasingly started to embrace digital, with the paper announcing earlier in the year that it is now taking a 'digital first' attitude to its news output.

It has also revealed that it is close to launching an Android and iPad app as well, with the iPad version already in its 'testing' phase. The Android version of the paper will be available this autumn.

The paper will be looking to capitalise on the massive amount of growth it has seen in the mobile sector. According to the Guardian, the mobile version of the paper ( accounts for 10 per cent of its web traffic.

The Guardian Kindle edition is available now and is priced at £9.99 a month.

Marc Chacksfield

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