It's not the Moto X, but another new Motorola device spied in leaked shots

It's not the Moto X, but another Motorola device spied in leaked shots
The Droid Maxx is reportedly on the way

That notorious Twitter leak-artist EVLeaks is at it again this weekend, posting a leaked press shot of a new Motorola device, but before you get too excited, it's not the Moto X.

Instead it's a new iteration of the long-running Droid brand the Google-owned company manufactures Verizon brand in the US and spins out under various guises around the world.

The so-called Droid Maxx would be a successor to last year's Droid Razr Maxx, and judging by the photo retains the same carbon fibre casing.

It's difficult to tell much else from the press photo, but the device seems to have a slightly slimmer bezel than previous iterations of the device.

Legacy devices live on

Mr (or Mrs) EVLeaks doesn't reveal anything else regarding the device beyond the photo, but launch of a new Droid handset would be interesting given Motorola's transition into a Google company.

The Droid line dates all the way back to the company's first Android handsets with QWERTY keyboards and has long been popular among Motorola loyalists, despite losing some steam in recent years.

Naturally, there have been doubts over whether Google would continue pushing on with Moto's legacy devices in this new era, but for now, at least, new releases are on the cards.

Via The Verge

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