iPhone SDK: The developers' perspective

TR: What sort of apps do you have in mind right now?

AJ: I don't want to comment on future products because we have a bunch of ideas and we're still evaluating what we'll do.

TR: What sort of apps would you like to see on the App store?

AJ: I'm excited about the possibilities because the interaction paradigm is different - a mouse and not a keyboard or stylus. I'm looking forward to seeing apps even I haven't thought of. As an existing user with existing ideas, I like tasks and financial applications. And everything else I want from the iPhone is already there.

I'm a pretty happy user and I think the developers in the Mac community have so many cool ideas that I'm just waiting to see what people will come up with.

TR: What does this do to the jailbreak community?

AJ: I think the unlocking will continue and all those jail broken applications will quickly conform to the public API and be ready with those apps in no time.

TR: Where can we find most of your company's software right now?

AJ: We're in Apple stores and on the web via Google Adwords, but we're also in Apple's download section, and in version tracker, and Mac update, and all the places people would look for Mac OS X apps. One interesting thing about the App store is that you'll just be going to one place for your apps.

TR: What do you think about Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard?

AJ: I like it. As a software developer, it was a slightly tougher transition that we thought to make it Leopard-compliant, but beyond that I'm pretty happy with it. I didn't like the translucent menu bar and didn't like stacks, but that was fixed in 10.5.2. But nothing major and I'm happy.

TR: What do you want to see in Mac OS X 10.6?

Aj: I would like to see more access to some of their private frameworks - like control kits - and those that are not private, but I wish they were.

TR: Should we expect iPhone apps by June?

AJ: Well, I won't comment on future applications, but we'll see how it goes.