iPhone 7 could have a better camera flash and a True Tone screen

iPhone 6S

The iPhone 7 will be landing tomorrow, and the latest batch of rumors both echo things we've heard before and include fresh claims about the new features we can expect to see.

Starting with the new, the camera flash will apparently have four LEDs rather than two, with a pair of warm-colored ones and a pair producing cooler colors.

This would build on what Apple and other manufacturers have been doing with dual-LED flash, ensuring that colors are more accurate and potentially making images brighter.

Apple will also apparently add an ambient light sensor to the new phone – and to the iPhone 7 Plus, which we also expect to see – which will supposedly improve image quality, especially in low-light environments.

These rumors come from a research note issued by analyst Ming-chi Kuo and obtained by Apple Insider. Kuo is known for his often accurate Apple leaks and theories, so he's worth listening to.

And he had more to share, claiming that not only will the cameras be better, but the new phones will have a True Tone display, which could better show off pictures taken on the handsets.

We've seen True Tone, which dynamically adjusts the white balance of the display, on the iPad Pro 9.7, and were expecting Apple to filter the tech down to its phones.

Optical zoom and optimal power

Kuo also noted that as expected the iPhone 7 Plus will have a dual-lens camera. But he goes into more detail than most leaks, claiming that both lenses will be 12MP, and that one will be wide-angle while the other is telephoto (offering a narrower field of view than a standard lens).

Apparently the camera on the 7 Plus will provide optical zoom, which is a rarity on smartphones, and light field camera applications, potentially enabling you to choose the focus of a shot after taking it.

Other information shared in the research note includes 3GB of RAM in the iPhone 7 Plus, a speedy A10 processor, potentially clocked at up to 2.45GHz, and an improved 3D Touch sensor.

Elsewhere, a refined design with less-visible antenna bands and a pressure-sensitive home button may feature, while the phone will come in capacities of 32GB, 128GB and 256GB, with no more 16GB models, all of which has been rumored before.

Dark black and piano black colors will apparently be added to the mix, as we've heard a couple of times recently, with space gray being retired, though Kuo adds that the piano black model may only be available in limited numbers.

Finally, Kuo noted that the 3.5mm headphone jack will be removed, as has been looking like a near-certainty for a long time, and that a second speaker with an audio amplifier will be added in its place. Apparently the iPhone 7 will have both Lightning EarPods and a Lightning to 3.5mm adapter in the box, so you won't be short of ways to listen to your music.

All of this is still just rumor, of course, but with the iPhone 7 launch just a day away there's a good chance that what we're hearing is accurate. Make sure to head back to TechRadar tomorrow (September 7) for all the official news on Apple's upcoming handsets, and our first hands-on reviews.

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