iPhone 6 might be bad news for your wallet as Apple reportedly adds NFC

Apple could turn iPhone 6 into a payment powerhouse with NFC
With Touch ID already in place, the iPhone 6 could be a payment powerhouse

The iPhone 6 changes might run much deeper than the aesthetic design, with word that Apple could be loading its next phone with NFC.

According to a source "close to the matter" speaking to BrightWire, Apple has landed a partnership agreement with China UnionPay to integrate the banking service into Passbook.

This could just turn out to be something centred entirely around the app, which currently lets users scan their iPhone or iPad for things like airline boarding passes.

But the source says the new partnership will allow users to make mobile payments on China Unionpay's "QuickPass" machines, which use NFC – hinting at some Near Field Communication goodness in the next Apple handset.

Is it finally app-ening?

The two companies will reportedly also create a payment solution that can be used for purchases in Apple Stores.

Tim Cook said earlier in the year that mobile payments are an area of interest to Apple, and with Touch ID already on board for App Store purchases, the company is clearly pushing in that direction. NFC might be next.

At least Phil Schiller will be able to conveniently pay for his words before he eats them.

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