iPhone 5 orders signal September launch

iPhone 5 orders signal September launch
iPhone Round 5 - *ding ding*

The manufacturer who makes the iPhone 4S and new iPad has apparently received orders for the iPhone 5.

A Taiwan-based supply chain source told DigiTimes, that scattergun of accuracy news outlet, that Chinese firm Pegatron Technology got the iPhone 5 orders ahead of a scheduled September launch for the next-generation Apple handset.

According to the report Pegatron has also received orders for a 10-inch iPad, which is due to launch at the end of this year - which sounds equally spurious.

Questions marks raised

There are rumours suggesting that we'll see the iPhone 5 on June 5 at Apple WWDC, which throws into question this latest report of a September release, as Apple likes to roll out its products a matter of weeks after the launch.

The Cupertino-based firm is unlikely to keep its loyal fans waiting almost three months after the launch event and our suspicions don't stop here.

The news of a 10-inch iPad arriving before the year is out is also dubious, as Apple is well known for its yearly product cycles and the screen size is not a radical change from the 9.7-inch offering on all previous iPad incarnations.

So this report is far from convincing, but if the September release date does stand up, we're unlikely to see the iPhone 5 at WWDC.

However let's not forget all the noise surrounding the possible iPad Mini, which is rumoured to be arriving sometime this year.

From Digitimes via Stuff

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