Earn Nectar points for your old mobile

Earn Nectar points from your unwanted mobile phones

British shoppers can now earn themselves points on their Nectar loyalty cards by trading in their old, unwanted mobile handsets. A new website has been set up which tells shoppers how many points their mobiles are worth.

There are reportedly more than 60 million unwanted mobile handsets in Britain - that's one for every living person, with 100 million phones becoming redundant in Europe every single year. The Nectar loyalty scheme, which rewards shoppers for the amount of money they spend in shops such as Sainsbury's and Argos , has recognised this and will now swap unwanted mobiles for Nectar points.

All you have to do is go to the mobile2points website, say which model your unwanted handset is, fill in your personal and Nectar account details, and they'll send you a postage-paid envelope to pop your phone in and send back to them.

Poor exchange rate

Sainsbury's rewards its customers with 2 points for every £1 spent in its stories, and for every 500 points earned customers are entitled to turn them into £2.50 shopping vouchers.

For a brand new Sony Ericsson K800i 3G phone, the Nectar scheme will reward you with 5,560 points. It sounds like a lot, but for the £300 phone you can claim back the equivalent of £27.50 in Sainsbury's vouchers - not exactly the best value.

For an old Nokia 6510, you can claim back 960 points - worth less than £5 in Sainsbury's - so it's only worth doing if you really don't want your phone any more. And it's probably still advisable to give eBay a chance first...

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