Overnight news roundup: 13-14 September

Google is giving one lucky team $30 million if they can land a robot the moon before anyone else

Well, it's Friday, and while you were dreaming of the weekend you missed some exciting news...

Google and the Moon

Have you ever wanted to touch the Moon's surface? If so, you may be interested in the new Google Lunar X prize, which will give one lucky team $30 million (around £15 million) if they can land a robot on the Moon before anyone else. Is your spacesuit ready?

Sorry, but it looks like all that talk about the "iCar" was for nothing. According to reports, the "iCar" shouldn't be expected for "several years". Oh well, I guess we can hope.

If you're interested in streaming music to your mobile phone, you've probably heard of Mercora. If not, you'll soon know about Social FM - Mercora's new name. According to the company, the new name will bring a new Web 2.0 feel to the popular internet radio streaming service.

A new London bar called Twentyfour claims to have set new standards of interactivity with a sensor that tells you when you need a refill. One might argue that if you don't know when you've finished your drink then you probably shouldn't be having one.

Get your charge on

Tired of dead batteries? If so, you might want to check out the new Duracell Pre-charged rechargeable batteries. According to the company, the batteries will recharge themselves while not in use for up to a year. They'll sell for $12.99 (£6.50) for a four-pack.

Well-known market researcher comScore will start counting blog audiences that could allow for greater revenue potential for blogs. The company wouldn't comment, but it's reportedly working with Federated Media to conduct the tally.

Much like the iPhone, the gPhone, or Google Phone, has been hyped up by people hoping for a viable iPhone alternative. And, as you were sleeping, more details emerged about the phone, including the possibility of Google opening up most of its code to developers. Sounds interesting, but will it ever come out? Time will tell.