Instagram may turn its black-and-white filter on itself

Instagram is getting a makeover

The blue, black and white days of Instagram might become 33% less chromatic, as leaked screens showing the app's next update posit a stark, black-and-white interface to come.

A tip to The Verge points towards a cleaned-up app, which is apparently being focus-tested in smaller groups before a public release.

(Credit: The Verge)

(Credit: The Verge)

In addition to stripping the color - save for your feed of images - the update also simplifies the icon bar at the bottom of the app in a way we can only describe as "iOSian."

An Instagram representative told the site that the new look is currently "a design test only." Feedback from the community will likely decide if the future of Facebook's photo-sharing service is bright, albeit colorless, or if the blues will stick with the app for a bit longer.

Parker Wilhelm
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