HTC Endeavour C2 to replace One X this year?

HTC Endeavour C2 to replace One X this year?
Is it time-up for the One X already?

The HTC Endeavour C2 may arrive before the end of the year to take the One X's crown as the Taiwanese firm's flagship handset.

According to Stuff, a source from within HTC has revealed the company is working on a new high-end smartphone, code-named Endeavour C2 – which is basically going to be the HTC One X 2.

Apparently the HTC Endeavour C2 will sport a quad-core 1.7GHz processor – up from the 1.5GHz chip found in the One X - along with improved battery life, new colour option (exciting!) and ClearVoice technology to improve call quality.

Copy cat design

The source also claims the Endeavour C2 will be compatible with all the One X accessories, which suggests it will sport the same, uni-bodied design, which is no bad thing as the HTC One X is a beautiful phone.

Good news for music fans as well, as the rumour goes on to say that HTC will bundle some Dr Dre headphones with the Endeavour C2, the UrBeats earphones to be exact, which used to come bundled with the likes of the Sensation XE.

HTC's new video-on-demand service, Watch 2, is also said to make its debut on the Endeavour C2, with the handset pegged for release on or before October 1, setting you back around £5 more per month than the One X in the UK.

Yesterday we heard about the new Sense 4.1 user interface which is due to sit on top of Android 4.0.4 on HTC devices running Ice Cream Sandwich – so could the Endeavour C2 be the first handset to run this? We'll have to wait and see.

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