Here's Apple's bizarre plan to protect your iPhone screen

Here's Apple's bizarre plan to protect your iPhone screen

Smashed iPhones are in pockets the world over and Apple knows it doesn't have the most durable handset on the market – but a new technology could stop future iPhones breaking when dropped.

A new patent filed by Apple includes a mechanism where shock absorbers burst out of the front of the phone after it detects it's falling.

The patent shows four little bumpers in the bezels beside the screen of the phone. These would burst out to make sure the screen doesn't make contact with the floor and absorb most of the impact.

Save our screens

It isn't clear, but we'd assume the phone would be weighted so it'll always fall face down ready for the little bits to pop out.

Apple has been working hard to make its iPhone range more durable. After the Bendgate scandal the company went back to the drawing board and used a stronger 7000 series aluminium in the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus.

This technology may not ever see the light of day though – Apple has various patents for technology that hasn't ever been seen on an released phone.

We've got our fingers crossed this is something Apple has been working on for a while though – that iPhone in the sketches looks like a 5S from a few years back. While we can hope it'll be ready in time for the iPhone 7 the reality of that happening is much less likely.

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