Got a baseball question? Siri can hit it out of the park

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My attitude towards Siri is typically annoyed tolerance at best, but now that she's gotten a serious boost on the baseball trivia front, we might be able to turn over a new leaf.

Apple has transformed its virtual assistant into a baseball knowledge powerhouse, one that can pull up the winner of the 1976 World Series (Cincinnati Reds in four games), how many home runs Babe Ruth hit in his career (714), and the start time of today's match-ups with ease.

Today is Opening Day for many clubs, so it's fitting Siri will now actually answer your baseball queries rather than hiding behind her patented, "Here's what I found on the web" response. That's not an answer, Siri.

I did run into some walls, such as asking Siri which team won the first World Series (she gave me last year's results twice). It may be the best answers come from asking about specific players, years and leagues.

This is just the latest of a recent push by Apple into America's favorite past time. Just last week, the Cupertino firm announced it had inked a deal to equip every MLB team with an iPad Pro in the dugout.

We doubt managers will be able to pull up pitcher stats by quizzing Siri during games, but at least fans can start playing ball with her new trivia prowess starting right now.

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