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Google Project Fi phone plan is open to all for a very short time

Project Fi

Interested in joining Project Fi, Google's unique take on the cellular plan? Today's your lucky day. Coinciding with the release of LG's Nexus 5X, Google is granting instant invites to anyone who asks.

Project Fi was announced in April as a phone plan that can intelligently switch between networks to give you the best speed available. Similar to how smaller carriers piggyback onto the network signals of larger ones, Project Fi utilizes both Sprint and T-Mobile's coverage to provide a large blanket of service for its customers.

Since the service has launched, a few issues have prevented those who are interested in joining Google's plan from doing so. First, it only works with three Android phones in its current state: the Nexus 6, Nexus 5X, and the soon to launch Nexus 6P. Sore luck if you're hoping to join, but don't have the required hardware. Next, the plan has only been open to those who apply for an invite. Thankfully, your invite application will be processed immediately if you register today.