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Google Now arrives on iPhone and iPad

Google Now arrives on iPhone and iPad
Now you see it

Google has just updated its Search app for iOS, which finally makes Google Now available for both iPhone and iPad.

The app is almost identical across both iOS devices, while following the style seen on Android when it debuted last June.

For those not in the know, Google Now pulls info from all of Google's services to provide you with information before you even ask for it. So it might remind you to take an umbrella with you if the weather forecast is bleak.

The info is displayed on little cards and in notifications which can be easily dismissed once you've been alerted.

We want it now

However, some of the features, including Activity Summary, Boarding Pass, Concerts and Nearby Events aren't available for the iOS version right now, though we expect them to appear in the near future.

All you have to do to get Google Now on your iOS device is download Google Search from the App Store and then get playing.

Via The Verge