Google Nexus S release date pushed back to 22 December

The Google Nexus S now available to buy
The Google Nexus S now available to buy

The Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy UK have put the Google Nexus S on sale for pre-order in the UK at the lower price of £429.95, meaning us Brits can still get our hands on this next-gen handset in time for Christmas.

The Google Nexus S comes with the previously reported price drop from £550 to £430 (with a £10 top up), and the contract price has also been slimmed down to a more palatable £30 per month on a two year deal.

We've contacted a few of the UK networks to see if they'll be ranging the Google Nexus S in their own stores rather than just through The Carphone Warehouse, but there are no official plans as yet.

Limited stocks

If you're interested in picking up the Google Nexus S before Christmas, you should probably act fast, as The Carphone Warehouse is claiming stocks will be tight:

"Due to strong customer interest, limited stock will be available to buy direct at key Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy stores in the UK.

"All other branches of The Carphone Warehouse will be taking orders via instant ship delivery which will allow customers to pick up the phone from any store at their convenience."

TechRadar also contacted TCW for an explanation on why we've got such a significant price drop - this is the response we got:

"Since the announcement that consumers could buy Nexus S from Googleonly from The Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy UK stores, customer interest has been very strong.

"We are delighted to be able to offer this exciting phone at such a great price in time for Christmas, and are very happy to confirm that all customers who have pre-ordered Nexus S will be able to benefit from the new offer."

The price makes the phone a lot more palatable now - in TechRadar's Google Nexus S review the expensive tag was a major negative point (as well as no microSD card slot) but it's likely more people will be interested at £30 a month.

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