Giving your Note II vids some va-va-voom

FX Guru 3

In its free form, you can access three overlays. If you share the app on Facebook, another overlay is made available and if you stump up the cash for the £5.99 expansion pack, you gain access to thirteen more FX for your viewing astonishment.

Video app 2: Magisto


Magisto 1

What if you've got more than one video you want to pull together and turn into a handsome montage?

The answer is simple – it's Magisto. The app has been described by one reviewer on Google's Play Store as "Like having your own little casting crew at work in your phone", and we can see why.

Magisto 2

Start up the app and you can choose from videos on your Note II, or record new videos. Once the choice videos are selected, Magisto prompts you to choose a theme. These can be retro and fun, soppy and sentimental or fast paced and fashionable.

Each theme has around eight soundtracks for your montage masterpiece, and Magisto doesn't scrimp with stock sound bites you've never heard of. The retro theme on offer gives you legends such as Scott Joplin and Louis Armstrong to add pizzazz, and the Fashion theme takes things in an ultra current direction with the likes of Azalea Banks and Iconapop.

Magisto 3

Thanks to the Samsung GALAXY Note II's quad-core power, videos are processed nice and swiftly if you turn on hardware acceleration, and the results are engaging, look charming and are arranged in sync with the music of choice.

Once you process your Magisto videos, uploading them to services like Facebook and YouTube won't cost you a penny.

If you want to save your montage offline, then you'll need to pay a monthly or annual fee. Simple? We thought so too.

Video app 3: GifBoom


GifBoom 1

If this was a photo app round-up we'd probably include Instagram, but as it's all about videos, mentioning GifBoom is a no brainer.

The app is considerably less full-on in terms of processing than the other two. In fact, it doesn't really make movies per se. Instead, you use your Samsung GALAXY Note II to generate utterly charming little GIFs.

GifBoom 2

These are comprised of just thirty frames and can be shared on the GifBoom social media channel. The app is like Instagram in so far as it allows you to follow friends, with their 'Booms' populating your feed.

The GIFs themselves are a lot of fun to create. Simply press on the shutter release in the GifBoom camera mode and you'll be recording. Press again to pause, and carry on recording your video from a different point of view.

GifBoom 3

Once your thirty frames are captured, you can easily overlay a filter, speed up, loop and reverse your Boom. The GIFs are by default shared on GifBoom itself, but it's a doddle sending them over to Twitter and Facebook, and with GIFs being such universally accessible files, accessing them from a range of devices should be a walk in the park.

So there you have it, whether you're in the mood for a motion picture styled special effect, musical movie montages or having a pop at creating your own BuzzFeed style GIF, we've hopefully added some va-va-voom to your Samsung GALAXY Note II videos.


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