German video demonstrates BB10's voice control, in German

BlackBerry 10
It's time for BlackBerry to make a comeback

The nice folks at Telekom-Presse continue to regale the tech world with BlackBerry 10 leaks, on Friday publishing a video showing off the new operating system's voice recognition capabilities.

The German-language site tested out the BlackBerry Z10's voice-to-text dictation in Friday's video, in addition to making calls and playing music using voice commands.

It seemed like the BlackBerry 10 device really responded quite well to the user's voice commands, which is more than can be said for Siri half the time.

It seems every modern mobile OS needs voice controls, so it's no surprise that Research in Motion (RIM) apparently made sure that BlackBerry 10's speech recognition actually works.

BlackBerry 10 ready for launch

BlackBerry 10 is scheduled to launch on Jan. 30, and the BB10 leaks have multiplied recently as anticipation ramps up.

Just as it did on Friday, Telekom-Presse provided the most substantial leak on Tuesday when it posted the first hands-on video of the BlackBerry Z10.

Purported images of the QWERTY-equipped BlackBerry X10 appeared on Tuesday, as well.

Prior to that, on Monday several reportedly leaked images showed off Google Talk and Twitter integration in the BlackBerry 10 OS's BlackBerry Hub notification center and inbox.

Plus RIM revealed that 15,000 apps had been submitted as part of a two-day port-a-thon that offered developers cash and other prizes for submitting their apps to the BlackBerry 10 application pool.

Earlier in 2012, we couldn't have told you whether BlackBerry 10 was ever going to come out at all, and now it's really happening, and with apparent gusto.

Hopefully, the wait proves worth it for all you hardcore BBers out there.

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