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Toshiba phone graphics chip beats DS & PSP

Toshiba's new graphics chip will turn our phones into gaming powerhouses.

Only a couple of years ago, gaming on mobile phones was a very limited affair that didn't look like taking off - simple adventure games or rehashes of Pac-Man were the limit of it. However, we all know modern phones are capable of so much more, which makes it no surprise to hear of new Toshiba technology to take mobile gaming a step further.

The Japanese company has announced a new 3D graphics chip that can deliver graphics better than those found on current handheld games machines, such as the DS Lite or PSP. The new LSI (large-scale integration) chip is capable of producing 100 mega-polygons per second.

Faster, stronger, better

If that measure of graphical processing power means little, consider that current mobile-phone graphics chips can manage about 3 mega-polygons per second and you'll get the idea.

As well as extreme processing power, the new LSI brings realistic shading to the phone platform for the first time. It also includes Toshiba's Media Embedded Processor (MeP) that handles sound, host processing and wide-screen LCD display in s single 13 x 13 x 1.2mm package. Samples are expected to be with manufacturers in October.