Full HD display all but confirmed for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Full HD display all but confirmed for Samsung Galaxy Note 3
The Note 3 is coming

Details of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 have appeared on the Korean manufacturer's website, name checking the upcoming phablet and confirming an eye-popping screen.

Spotted by Japanese site Ringer's Blue Men (no really, that is the name of the site), the details were picked up on Samsung's UAPROF with the screen resolution listed as 1080 x 1920.

Two models were found, both of which are thought to be variants of the Galaxy Note 3, with the SM-N900A and SM-N900T the IDs in question.

It's got an arm!

The listings also reveal an ARM-based processor will be used inside in the handset, which backs up rumours that the Galaxy Note 3 could sport Qualcomm's Snapdragon chip.

We've already seen a report that apparently there's at least four variants of the Note 3 knocking about - probably engineered for specific markets - and now Android Beat has revealed five more model IDs.

Those IDs are: SM-N900AI, SM-N900P, SM-N900R4, SM-N900V and SM-N900S, and some suggest that the V, A, T and S models will be assigned to the four major carriers in the US.

Right now, all signs are pointing to an IFA 2013 unveiling for the phablet, with September 4 tentatively marked in our diaries.

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