Films and TV shows hit BlackBerry World ahead of BlackBerry 10 launch

Films and TV shows hit BlackBerry World ahead of BlackBerry 10 launch
Wow, RIM. With this selection of top quality films, you really are spoiling us

RIM has added a host of films, TV shows and new music content to BlackBerry World as it beefs up before the big BlackBerry 10 launch later today.

The entertainment content will only be available to those with BlackBerry 10 devices at first, and unless you live in the US, UK or Canada, then you'll be right out of luck.

The firm announced the raft of media bashing its way into RIM's app store earlier in the week, but it now seems the section has gone live on BB World already.

Still, if you fit that niche, then you'll be able to buy and rent films and television programmes through BlackBerry World for the first time.


The video sections have only gone live on the US BlackBerry World storefront so far, with prices ranging from $4.99 for Taken 2 to the serious investment of $19.99 for the terrible-sounding Mancation.

Television shows seem only to be available on an episode-by-episode basis, with shows like Modern Family and How I Met Your Mother proving the headliners.

RIM hasn't revealed just how many films and shows are on the 'World at present, but it doesn't seem to be the world's most comprehensive library right now - but in the absence of a Netflix or Lovefilm streaming app, it might be your best BlackBerry 10 bet in the short term.

BlackBerry 10 is to be officially launched at glitzy events around the world later today so stay tuned for more thrilling RIM-related developments - we'll be posting the news on TechRadar and bringing you the inside scoop over on the TechRadar Phones Twitter account.

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