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Cryptic HTC pic teases 'something fast' for MWC

ryptic HTC pic teases 'something fast' for MWC
Are you ready to discover something fast?

HTC has posted a mysterious photo on its official Facebook page, which promises 'something fast' is coming this Sunday.

The monochrome picture displays the outline of a HTC phone with the number five in the centre.

It is accompanied by the caption: "This Sunday you'll discover something fast."

The 'fast' teaser seems to confirm that HTC will indeed launch quad-core smartphones at Mobile World Congress.

The '5' however is more of a mystery. Does it refer to a 5-inch device? The launch of five phones? Or simply the amount of days until devices go on show at MWC?

HTC MWC line-up

With no major Samsung launches planned for MWC, much of the speculation has revolved around the devices that HTC and Nokia plan to unveil at the annual mobile expo.

Most observers believe that HTC will launch its first quad-core Tegra 3 device, set to be named the HTC One X. The HTC One S (formerly known as the Ville) is another rumoured device.

Both phones are likely to come loaded with Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

HTC's line-up is one of the most eagerly anticipated following its vow to focus on a smaller amount of hero devices after losing its way slightly in 2011 by flooding the market with handsets.