Latest HP news: 56 mobile products launched

Hewlett-Packard (HP) today launched two new smartphones, two PDAs and one GPS unit. At the same time the firm also announced five new mobile software programs and 12 mobile services, plus 34 new accessories to go with the new mobile devices. That's a total of 56 new products in total. Phew.

The HP iPaq 614c and the HP iPaq 914c are two new 3G-equipped smartphones with Wi-Fi support. Primarily aimed at business users, the HP iPaq 614 and the HP iPaq 914 come with GPS functionalities, the Windows Mobile 6 Professional operating system and a built-in 3-megapixel camera.

The main difference between the two models is that the HP iPaq 914 has a landscape screen and an alpha numeric keyboard, while the HP iPaq 614 has a standard mobile phone-type keyboard. Both will be priced around £399, SIM-free.

The HP iPaq 214 handheld computer features a 4-inch screen, Wi-Fi support, Bluetooth, 64MB of RAM, 256MB of ROM, and runs on Windows Mobile 6. Similar features also crop up on the HP iPaq 114, although its screen is smaller, at 3.5 inches. The units are priced at £254 and £199 respectively.

The new GPS unit, the HP iPaq 314, has a 4.3-inch screen, and can easily be hooked up to your mobile phone via Bluetooth. It runs on Windows CE 5.0, and there's support for MP3, videos, images and games, plus an SD card expansion slot if you require more memory than the built-in 128MB. It will cost around £249.

All new HP iPaq devices are due to go on sale in late October/early November.