Apple may launch budget iPhone, iPhone 5S on September 18

iPhone FCC leak
FFC iPhone in the wild?

September 18 might be the day that Apple breaks out the future iPhone – and two handsets are said to be arriving at the same time.

We're now hearing that Apple will release its budget iPhone in a range of colours, which is being referred to as a "refreshed" iPhone 5 rather than a new standalone product range.

It won't be alone, however, as CurrentEditorials reports that the cheaper handset will be released with the next generation iPhone, said to look just about identical to the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5S AND 5C?

As for the arrival date, the site suggests that September 18 will be the big unveiling, while September 27 is being touted as the day the phone hits the market - at least in the US.

According to the same sources, the budget iPhone will arrive with a price tag of $349 (about £227/AU$376) for the 16GB unlocked model, while a two year contract will cost $99 (about £65/AU$106).

While we do expect a new iPhone to land this autumn, CurrentEditorials isn't a site we're hugely familiar with and it's been impossible for us to verify its sources - as ever, the whole thing could be a cunning ruse for web traffic so don't put too much faith in September 18 for now.

Meanwhile, another (yes, another!) budget iPhone picture has leaked. This one is a little more interesting as the handset is stamped with FCC (Federal Communications Commission) markings, suggesting it's just about ready to hit the market.

But of course, it could be just another elaborate mock up, so as with all of this, please ensure you've got your skeptical hats firmly on your head.

Speaking of which, we just saw a box of some boxes claiming to belong to a possible iPhone 5C. Could this be the budget handset? And if so, what's with the name? iPhone Colour? iPhone Cheap and Cheerful? iPhone Clearly a fake mock up?

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