BlackBerry Live promises a whole new World

BlackBerry Live promises a whole new World
The new name "comes with a hugely positive outlook", apparently

After renaming its app store BlackBerry World ready for the launch of BB 10, Research in Motion (RIM) has also renamed its annual Florida bash, opting for BlackBerry Live.

Confirming the dates for this year's get together as May 14-16, BlackBerry Live will be looking to build on the launch of the BlackBerry 10 platform on January 30.

RIM is promising a host of things from BlackBerry Live 2013 including all the latest on BlackBerry 10, mobile strategies, practical business solutions and a whole lot more.

We're hoping that we'll see a new tablet too, with a leaked roadmap last year pointing towards a 2013 third quarter launch of the BlackBerry Blackforest slate which will potentially sport a larger screen than the 7-inch PlayBook.

Taking on Google

While a mid-May event might not seem too spectacular, the timing is indeed interesting as BlackBerry Live falls at the same time as the Google I/O conference which runs from 15-17 May in San Francisco.

It's certainly a bold move by RIM which has struggled in the popularity stakes recently and it will be hoping to make a dent in the headlines among the almost certain landslide of Android buzz.

TechRadar will be in attendance at the Orlando-based conference to bring you all the latest from the world of RIM and BlackBerry 10.

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