Best iPhone 5 case: 15 to choose from

Best iPhone 5 case: 15 to choose from
Protect your iPhone 5 with one of these cases

So you bought an iPhone 5. That's a valuable piece of tech in your back pocket, especially if you plumped for maximum capacity.

Now imagine dropping it. Apple's new baby stands up to knocks fairly well, but even a scuff or a scratch on a half-grand device is going to grate. Isn't it time you put an iPhone case on it?

Here's our pick of the best iPhone 5 cases available now.

1. Griffin Protector - $14.99 (£9.50)

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The Griffin Protector case acts as a middle ground for those wanting increased protection without the military-spec and bulk of the Griffin Survivor. The reinforced silicone iPhone 5 case boasts extra thickness at the edges, providing added assurance that your device is safe from mid-grade knocks, while the matte finish ensures a decent grip.

Griffin Protector

2. QDOS Smoothies - £19.99

This more elegant iPhone 5 case marries a lush fascia with a clear polycarbonate, bevel-edged surround that offers decent covering for the edges of your phone. The QDOS case feels rigid enough to stand up to at least mild abuse, but steers well clear of the camera lens and doesn't impede access to buttons.

QDOS Smoothies

3. Griffin Survivor - $50 (£31)

Griffin's über-protective technology is already renowned for its Defense Standard specification, and this iPhone 5 version doesn't buck the trend. Shatter-resistant polycarbonate as well as hinged button and dock plugs cloak the phone, while a built-in screen protector seals in your device, keeping it safe from dirt, sand, rain, shock – pretty much anything the world can throw at it. The equivalent of wrapping your phone in cotton wool.

Griffin Survivor

4. Scosche rawHIDE g6 - $30 (£19)

Suave yet simple, the rawHIDE is cut from hard black polycarbonate and wrapped in a layer of genuine leather. The iPhone 5 case's shell is stiff enough, but those wanting added protection with a little give on the rim and corners may want to look elsewhere.

Scosche rawHIDE g6

5. Speck PixelSkin HD - $30 (£19)

Soft and durable grippiness defines the PixelSkin HD. Its rubbery, flexible casing pops on and off with ease, but only when you need it to. The raised bevel of this case protects the front panel well, and shields the buttons from dings without impeding access.

Speck PixelSkin HD

6. Griffin Reveal - $20 (£12.50)

If you've got it, flaunt it. Griffin Reveal stays true to the maxim with what at first appears to be a classic bumper. Closer inspection of this iPhone 5 case, though, reveals a transparent polycarbonate shell lined with a rubberised edge, providing fair-to-middling protection without veiling the machined beauty of your superior tech.

Griffin Reveal

7. Proporta Leather Style - £24.95

If toughness isn't your thing and you can live with faux-leather then this Proporta iPhone case is a decent enough take on the 'c-clip' style cover. It's lightweight, soft to the touch and covers the front and rear completely without interfering with button access or camera operability.

Proporta Leather Style

8. Proporta Quiksilver - Blue Checks - £19.95

This snug-fitting hard iPhone 5 case from Proporta really looks the part without smothering the iPhone's sleek aesthetic. The logo of outdoor sports fashion brand Quiksilver sits front and centre in its blue check design, although the protection on offer can't be said to match such ideals. It'll keep knocks and scratches at bay no problem, just keep it far from the surf.

Proporta Quiksilver

9. Scosche kickBACK sport g6 - $30 (£19)

Scosche doubles down on protection with its latest sports cover, combining a textured polycarbonate outer case with a rubberized interior to absorb shock. The open design ensures connections and controls remain accessible, while an integrated kickstand only adds to the slick feel. The screen and chamfer do feel a little over-exposed for active lifestyles though.

Scosche kickBACK sport g6

10. Griffin Animal Parade - $20 (£12.50)

If you're looking for a cute and crazy iPhone 5 case you could do a lot worse than this Griffin case. Thick silicone encases the handset, while a lovely round rim envelopes the display, which also serves to protect the screen from falls. The goofy design is perfect for kids – if you can trust them with a £500+ device…

Griffin Animal Parade

11. Piel Frama iMagnum2 - 85 Euros (£69)

If you're willing to spend a little more to protect your iPhone 5 then definitely check out this case from Piel Frama. The Spanish company's handmade cases only use the highest quality cow skin leather, and it really shows. The inner lining is as luxuriant as the outer cover, which folds over the screen and stays there, secured by hidden magnets. It even comes with a removable belt clip.

Piel Frama iMagnum2

12. Cygnett UrbanShield - £19.95

The close-fit and smooth bevelled edges of the UrbanShield emphasize the solid protection it gives your iPhone against keys and coins in your pocket. Meanwhile the rubber rim around the front panel of the case protects the glass from falls, and dips into a nice carbon weave detail on the aluminium rear. A screen protector seals the look.

Cygnett UrbanShield

13. Otterbox Defender - $49.95 (£32)

The Otterbox weds industrial protection with style in its multi-layer defence against heavy knocks and falls. A candy-coloured polycarbonate skeleton houses a solid inner shell with built-in screen protector, and a large belt clip holsters the entire unit for a third layer of protection. Not too slim then, but a very secure iPhone case.

Otterbox Defender

14. X-Doria Dash - $34.99 (£22)

Rocking an oblong rear window and polka-dot fabric, X-Doria's Dash looks straight off the haute couture fashion line. It's not delicate either, thanks to its hard polycarbonate shell and rimmed edges, offering good resistance against everyday impacts.

X-Doria Dash iPhone 5 case

15. Snugg Squared - £14.99

The Snugg Squared is made of rubberized silicone that stands up well against drops and shocks and feels grippy in the hand. The rounded rim puts ample space between the display and the floor to protect the glass and limit impact shock. Mould size has been known to vary on this range, so try before you buy if possible.

Snugg Squared iphone 5 case