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Bach: Lots of support for Windows Mobile 6.5

WinMo 6.5 - will it be a hit?
WinMo 6.5 - will it be a hit?

Microsoft has insisted that Windows Mobile 6.5 will be a major hit, with Robbie Bach revealing that ten handsets are already signed up to running the operating system when it launches later this year.

Windows Mobile 6.5 was announced earlier in 2009, and will bring much-needed added functionality to the Redmond giant's mobile platform when it arrives in the autumn.

The 6.5 version could be viewed as an interim solution, to tide things over until the arrival of the eagerly anticipated Windows Mobile 7, but Bach insisted at CTIA that manufacturers were embracing the platform.

Ten handsets

"We will have over 10 phones available in the US alone. We expect to see that grow," said Robbie Bach.

Microsoft's mobile operating system is in a highly-competitive market, with the Google-backed Android, Apple's OSX-based iPhone operating system and the likes of Symbian and RIM's BlackBerry OS all becoming increasingly sophisticated.

The release date for Windows Mobile 7 is still to be announced, but the decision to create 6.5 suggests that Microsoft would prefer not to be rushed into pushing out its next generation mobile OS.

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