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Australian HTC One pricing revealed

Finally, Aussie pricing and a release date are revealed
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Dying to get your hands on the HTC One? Today we learn that the handset will be in Australian stores on April 23, and all the major carriers have revealed how much a shiny new One will cost you.

Telstra, Optus, Vodafone and Virgin will open pre-orders for the One from tomorrow, April 5. If you choose Telstra for a pre-order, the telco will chuck in a pair of Beats headphones with your order, worth AU$199.

In terms of pricing, thre four telcos are fairly well aligned. All of the plans are in excess of $60, with Virgin the cheapest by a hair. Full details are as follows.

* Telstra: $10 handset repayment on $60 plan.
* Optus: $3 handset repayment on $60 plan.
* Vodafone: $5 handset repayment on $60 plan.
* Virgin Mobile : $3 handset repayment on $59 plan.

All plans require a 24-month commitment and each has varying calls, messaging and data inclusions. Though cheapest, Virgin is also the most generous, with 3GB of data per month included in its offer.

The alternatives

If you would prefer to dodge a two-year contract, there are several stores selling the One directly. Telstra will sell the handset for AU$768 and Harvey Norman will be selling it too, with final pricing to be announced.

Grey importers Mobicity are advertising a price of AU$759 on its pre-order page. Expansys is also set to sell both a 32GB and a 64GB variant of the HTC One, but it has yet revealed a price for either