AT&T now carrying Square Card Readers

Square is picking up partnerships left and right, striking a deal for AT&T to start carrying Square Card Readers at their stores.

More than 1,000 AT&T retail shops nationwide will now carry Square Card Readers, making it convenient to get the card reader at the same retailer selling the smartphones and tablets that use it.

This adds to the more than 20,000 stores selling the card readers, including Apple stores, Best Buy, FedEx Office, Radio Shack, Target, Walgreens, and Walmart.

"AT&T stores are a convenient retail destination for purchasing Square Card Readers, offering entrepreneurs the ability to purchase all of the devices they need to run their business in one place," Square's Jeffrey Kolovson said.

"Square Card Reader makes it easier than ever for businesses to get started and grow using only their mobile device."

It's hip to be Square

Square has been busy, recently brokering a deal with Starbucks to allow customers to use Pay with Square at the coffee giant's locations across the country.

The Pay with Square app lets users pay through their Square account without touching their wallet, as well as search for nearby retailers that accept Square payment.

Square Card Readers are the other side of the equation, letting small business owners turn their iPhones, iPads, and Android devices into mobile cash registers using an adapter that plugs into the device's headphone jack.

It can then be used to swipe credit cards and accept payments right on the phone or tablet.

What's more, the card readers have a low barrier of entry, with an asking price of $9.95 offset by a $10 rebate when signing up as a new user.

With wider availability of Square Card Readers, the road to entrepreneurship could become just a little bit smoother for fledgling start-ups.

Via Marketwire