AT&T might be expanding FaceTime to unlimited data users

iPhone 4S
Spending some FaceTime

Fear not, AT&T users with grandfathered unlimited data plans or an iPhone 4S: FaceTime over cellular may be knocking on your door soon, at least according to one 4S owner.

MacRumors forum user kre62 reported that both his iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 - each on an unlimited data plan - now support iOS 6's FaceTime calling.

His account flies in the face of a pronounced AT&T policy to only offer the feature to customers who own a LTE device on a tiered data plan, aside from devices it gave FaceTime to initially.

AT&T announced on Nov. 8 that it would open up FaceTime to those on tiered plans and not just its Mobile Share plan, though the service was only extended to 4G LTE phones. That meant the new iPhone 5 and certain iPads could experience FaceTime fun, but not the 4S.

Is it really happening?

kre62 recounted how FaceTime stumbled onto his unlimited data plan phones in a forum post.

"In a recent thread we were discussing AT&T members getting FaceTime with LTE devices and tiered plans," he wrote.

"However I noticed today that I have FaceTime over cellular and I have an unlimited plan on my 5."

kre62 wrote he turned his 4S off and when it came back on, he noticed the FaceTime over cellular switch had flipped to "on," and both phones are working perfectly over cellular.

He also asked around and found a few coworkers also now have FaceTime, though he didn't specify what phones they owned or what plans they have.

Several other MacRumors forum users backed up kre62's experience after successfully receiving FaceTime, while others weren't so lucky.

AT&T may be rolling out the feature to some areas still, explaining why some phones are seeing the update and others aren't.

An AT&T representative was unavailable to comment on the report, but TechRadar will provide an update if and when more information becomes available.

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