Yotaphone 3 pre-order: the phone that refuses to die could arrive this summer

The Yotaphone 3 was as good as dead - until we spotted a post on Instagram last month which gave us a fleeting glimpse that it's still in the works - and now the Russian firm has posted a teasing message on its own website.

Spotted by the folks over at GSMArena, the Yotaphone site simply reads (translated from Russian) "See you soon. The opening of the pre-order this summer."

That doesn't tell us much, but the text is over an image showing the silhouette of a phone - which surely has to be the long awaited Yotaphone 3.

Double trouble, again

We brightened the image up (see the image comparison below), and it clearly shows a camera in the top corner of the right hand phone, and what appears to be volume and power/lock keys on the side of the handset.

Those keys are mirrored on the left of the handset, suggesting we're looking at the front and back, and both sides appear to have a screen.

This makes sense, as Yotaphone's unique selling point is its dual screen setup, with a color display on the front and a battery-friendly E-Ink offering on the rear.

The original Yotaphone was a chunky proof of concept with an odd rear camera placement and limited feature set, while the Yotaphone 2 boasted a more stylish design, larger screens and more functionality.

We spoke to Yotaphone about its next device, and a spokesperson told us that the "company is working on the third generation of Yotaphone and an ideal embodiment of this device is the main goal for us at the moment. 

"That's why at the moment we are not engaged in the development of any other devices. Development of a new device is a difficult task, and unfortunately, it takes a long time."

Rumors suggest the firm may look to offer the Yotaphone 3 at a lower price point, so specs and design could be dialed back to achieve this, but details are still very much up in the air.

John McCann
Global Managing Editor

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