Asus trolls Apple's hideous battery pack

iPhone 6

Teasing jibes are not uncommon in the phone industry, as demonstrated by Asus's latest broadside at Apple.

The company has taken aim at Apple's ugly new battery pack case for the iPhone, which will not only give your phone some extra juice when you need it, but will also look like it has a tumour.

In a tweet sent to promote Asus's new-ish ZenFone Max, the company said "You don't need that extra pack when you have the maximum power in one. #ZenFone #Max".


What the Juice?

The Max was released back in August by the company, and sports a massive 5,000mAh battery - which compared to a tiny 1,715mAh battery in the iPhone 6S. Of course, it is not what you've got but how you use it - but on this count Asus claims that while the iPhone 6S with the battery pack will get you 25 hours talktime, the Zenfone Max will get you a whole 37 hours.

Of course, the phones aren't really that comparable. As PhoneArena notes, on the inside the Max is a much more mediocre affair - with a mid-range processor and a much thicker body.

These sorts of combative missives are fairly common in the phone industry - with one of the most fierce rivalries between Apple and Samsung. Samsung has repeatedly mocked Apple's slow integration of new technologies in a long running series of ads.