Apple App Store hits one billion landmark

App store
App store - massive success

Apple's App Store has hit its billionth download, just over nine months from its summer 2008 launch.

The App Store arrived back on July 11 2008 with the second version of the iPhone, the iPhone 3G, giving users access to third party applications both free and paid for.

The service has proved a huge hit within the mobile phone industry, and the ten-figure landmark has been reached in an extraordinarily small period, with iPhone and iPod touch users benefiting from the addition of functionality, productivity and entertainment additions to their gadgets.

Facebook, Google, iPlayer

Some of the most popular applications, as you may expect, have been provided by some of the biggest names in the internet world, with the likes of Facebook, Google and the BBC iPlayer flourishing.

On launch, Steve Jobs stated that there were 500 applications available, with 125 free for users, but that number has exploded since, with in excess of 25,000 available now.

Although it is not central to its business plans, the financial success of the App Store has buoyed Apple, with the Cupertino company taking 30 per cent of any fee paid for an application.


It's not all been plain sailing, however, with some controversial moments and applications among the billion.

Take the 'I am Rich' application, for instance, that cost $1000 and provided a glowing red gem, or the jaw-dropping argument between two fart apps.

But, in truth, the world of third-party applications has been made a lot richer through Apple's always impressive PR machine, and it has become increasingly rare to buy a smartphone that doesn't have some form of application shop.

UPDATE: It's been revealed that little Connor Mulcahey, 13, from Conneticut was the proud winner of the bucketloads of Apple prizes, after he downloaded the Bump App that allows users to share information simply by bumping two iPhones together... bet his mate who also downloaded it was upset that he was the 999,999,999th App store customer.

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