Amazon is giving away free apps and games on its new Underground store

Amazon Underground

Amazon has just announced its new Amazon Underground store which will let you download and install completely free versions of the most popular apps and games.

This isn't free as in "free to download, but pay in-app to unlock the decent stuff" – Amazon is promising that these will be completely, 100% free.

It looks like some apps that come with in-app purchases will still offer those upgrades, but they could be offered gratis as well.

Amazon is spoiling us

So how come Amazon is able to offer all these apps and games, which include premium titles like OfficeSuite Professional 8, Goat Simulator and Angry Birds Slingshot Stella?

According to Amazon on the Underground website, it has come to an agreement with app makers where they pay them an amount according to how many minutes you use the apps, and in return the app makers offer their wares to us for free.

Due to Google's rules you can't download the free apps from the Google Play Store, and instead you'll need to download the Underground app directly from Amazon's website.

If you own a Fire HD or Fire HDX tablet, the games and apps will be made automatically available to you.

Paid for apps will also being included, so if you want to stick with the freebies you need to keep an eye out for apps and games that are marked with the "Actually Free" banner.

Amazon has offered apps and games you'd usually pay to download for free before with its existing app, but it looks like it is now putting an emphasis on the freebies with the new Underground service.

The online retailer has also made it clear that this isn't a one-off promotion to get you to install its new app, and rather it is a long term program, promising that "over time, we'll continue to invent and add more benefits to Underground".

At the moment the Underground app, and all it's freebies, is available only on Android Phones, and there's no sign if its heading to iOS any time soon.

Matt Hanson
Managing Editor, Core Tech

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