9 best Android apps for slacking off

Slacking off
Slacking off. Great, isn't it?

Your Android phone lets you be super efficient when you need to be. But let's be honest: nobody really likes being efficient and the world isn't designed for it.

Luckily, these apps let you be as inefficient as you want when you're alone on a Saturday night, when you're waiting in line at the bank or when you're sitting at work afraid to be noticed.

1. Blokus

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So you have some time and you could be stockpiling things to give to the local charity. But that just sounds boring. So you whip out your phone and instantly get issued a bunch of shiny little tiles you're supposed to then get rid of. Do you get rid of them by turning off the game and getting a life? Heck no! You get rid of them by turning your phone into a colorful cage match of laying tiles and trying to beat people instead of helping them. Keep hoarding in real life, but get rid of those virtual tiles!

Best slacking apps

2. Flight Control

So you've overdrawn your account twice this month and your significant other doesn't think you're all that significant anymore? Great! You're perfect to keep airplanes from crashing into one another and have them land safely on the runway. Forget mastering the direction your own life is going. Just keep practicing until you can stop having to tell little Timmy that his parents won't be coming back from the Bahamas.

Best slacking apps

3. Words With Friends

Scrabble, what's that? This is the completely new, modern and never-been-done-before competitive game where you receive random letters and assemble them into words in order to prove your verbal supremacy over other people. Who needs to write a novel or a report? You have to prove to people you'll probably never meet that your ability to match words on a screen with words in your online thesaurus is better than theirs is. You've got to keep your priorities in order, after all.

Best slacking apps

4. Draw Something

If you've ever been drawn into a game of Pictionary, you know what it's like to stand there and draw a thing that someone has to guess. While some people are better artists than others, it's a phone. Almost everyone is terrible at it. But if you're sitting there listening to your boring boss give a boring speech about that boring company that keeps you alive, just get really careful with your stick figure interpretations of the world and pretend that wind bag doesn't exist. That's probably what he does when it's your turn to talk.

Best slacking apps

5. Temple Run 2

Have you ever dreamed of being Indiana Jones? Well, all you have to do is learn a dozen languages, travel all over the world repeatedly risking your life and seduce women who may or may not try to kill you, all on a college professor's salary. Or you could just download Temple Run 2 and try to do one of those three things. Unless something kills you, you can get a high score that will make you the envy of... absolutely no one. Because it isn't real, it never was and you're wasting the precious gift of life. You're a stud in your own mind, though.

Best slacking apps

6. Angry Birds

Yes, what would a list be without Angry Birds? Angry Birds has claimed more people's lives than Rambo, and for good reason. What could be more interesting or useful to do with your day than try to chuck birds at smelly green critters that literally live in glass houses? Why, with an app like this, who says you need to go feed your real birds, or listen to actual birds singing as you take a walk through nature? Indeed, Angry Birds may have rendered the entirety of the natural world obsolete in one fell, uh, swoop. So just chuck some birds and get your mean on, you wannabe Hulk.