Call sexy chat lines on Skype

Skype customers can now call premium rate phone lines using the VoIP service

Skype customers will now be able to call British premium rate phone lines from anywhere in the world, the company has announced. The Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) provider opened up access to the UK's most expensive phone numbers due to "consumer demand".

Costs are separated into bands, with band five being the most expensive. To check exactly how much a number will cost, Skype recommends you check its website.

  • Band 1 - 29p per minute
  • Band 2 - 58p per minute
  • Band 3 - 86p per minute
  • Band 4 - £1.44 per minute
  • Band 5 - £1.73 per minute

According to Skype, billing starts from the first second onwards and customers are charged for the first minute as soon as the call is logged.

Last month, Skype introduced a beta add-on which enabled users to launch their own premium rate phone lines, for whatever reason they liked.