BT leaps onto EE's 4G network and hints at consumer comeback

BT jumps onto EE's 4G network and heats up more speculation
BT's got itself a 4G friend

BT has bagged itself the right to run on EE's mobile network, with the two parties announcing today that they'll be signing a "virtual network" agreement.

We knew a deal would surface soon, with BT recently trying to woo UK networks to help it provide its own mobile service, and once the final contract is signed then EE and BT will officially partner up.

Right now this means just business clients and BT employees will be able to use the power of EE 4G, but BT also announced that it plans to build on its consumer Wi-Fi service too.

BT bites back?

But this could be another step forward by BT to coming back as a consumer network, almost 11 years after it said goodbye to O2.

Earlier this year BT outlined its ambitions to launch a self-branded 4G mobile service in 2014. CEO Ian Livingston said it was "highly possible" we'd see BT-branded 4G SIM cards next year.

For now it's keeping quiet on what's next, but we could certainly see BT bringing mobile into its media packages soon, and offer up some more competition for the rest of the market.

Hugh Langley

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