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AT&T to pay $105 million to settle charges over shady mobile billing

AT&T was sentenced to a 10-minute time-out as well

The US Federal Trade Commission's fight against "mobile cramming" continues with a settlement from AT&T worth over $100 million - and part of that could wind up in your pocket.

The carrier (among others) pledged in 2013 to cease the practice, which involves profiting from unauthorized third-party charges applied to customers' accounts.

Now the FTC has taken AT&T to task, and the carrier is offering a total of $105 million in refunds to customers who paid for charges they didn't ask for between January 2009 and now.

Take that

"AT&T Mobility, LLC, has agreed to settle allegations that it charged mobile customers without their permission for third-party services like ringtones, wallpapers, and text message subscriptions for horoscopes, flirting tips, and celebrity gossip," reads an FTC filing where former and current AT&T subscribers can request a refund.

Yikes. The cut-off date for applying is May 1 2015, so you might as well do it now before you forget.

The FTC elaborates on AT&T's shady practices in a blog post, but the carrier is hardly alone in this.

The latest competitor to find itself under the Commission's magnifying glass is T-Mobile, which the FTC sued over the summer for much the same thing.