Apple now offering iPad and iPhone trade-ins to Aussies

Apple store
Now you don't have to resort to eBay to get some cash for your old iPad or iPhone

Apple's popular trade-in program, which gives you store credit for your old iDevice, is finally available in all Apple stores across the country.

Those who trade-in an old iPhone can get up to $250 in credit, while an iPad could get you up to $215, however it should be noted that the credit can only be used for buying a new iPhone or iPad.

Apple Geniuses will determine the trade-in value by assessing the overall condition and generation of the iDevice.

Trading in

The latest iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, and iPad Air are not eligible for trade-in, and the much older first-gen models like the first iPad and the iPhone 3GS are also not part of the program - though Apple will still recycle old devices for free.

Apple launched its trade-in scheme in the US just before the launch of the iPhone 5S/5C, before expanding the program into the UK a few months later.

It is also available in Canada, Germany, France and Italy.