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Dell loses top spot in monitors

Dell monitors stil selling well
Dell monitors stil selling well

Dell has lost its grip on the LCD monitor market – according to DisplaySearch figures which suggest that Samsung has overtaken the US company in terms of sales.

Dell has traditionally been a strong seller of LCD monitors, but, although it sold 6.1 million units last year, Samsung’s 21 per cent rise puts them narrowly ahead.

Increase all round

Samsung are believed to have sold some 6.3 million displays in the last year, and although Dell’s sales increased by nine per cent, it was not enough to cling onto top spot.

Dell famously lost its top spot in computer sales to Hewlett Packard in recent times, and the news that is has slipped behind the upcoming Korean market will not aid moods at the company.

Samsung already has a strong lead in the LCD television market, and this has now translated through to its monitors